Susan Burgess Associates

SUSAN BURGESS was born into a world of design. Her mother, Sallie Moss Burgess, was an antiques dealer who specialized in 18th and 19th century American furniture. Susan grew up traveling around the states of Ohio and Michigan searching for treasures in old barns and farmhouses.
  Later, when Ms. Burgess began to travel the world, she developed a grander sense of style. On a trip to Europe in 1981, a dear friend and mentor, Diandra Douglas, introduced her to superb examples of hand woven Spanish and Moroccan textiles as well as old world antiques. Diandra and her husband Michael Douglas, were then furnishing their home in Montecito, California. At the time, the couple was working with internationally renowned interior designer, Craig Wright. Susan’s tour with Wright and Douglas through private art and furniture collections and secret antique shops sparked an interest that changed the course of her life.
  This was a watershed experience for Ms. Burgess and her destiny was now decided by her passion for all things beautiful and unusual.
   “I learned the invaluable lesson of blending a priceless antique or textile with a common Belgian linen, or a corner cupboard from the Ohio valley, circa 1780.”
  Susan got her first job in the industry as a furniture and fabric representative for, among others, the incomparable Janus et Cie. As a rep for Janus et Cie in San Francisco, Susan worked on many prestigious projects such as Bill and Melinda Gates’ home in Washington. It was during this period that Susan was privileged to spend time with the architect and interior designer Thierry Despont. Mr. Despont is known for his work on the Gates’ project as well as the Getty Museum, and numerous other prominent residential and commercial projects. His deep knowledge of the arts, architecture, furniture and fabric had a profound influence on Susan.
  Burgess’ work in interior design was a natural segue from working as a representative showcasing high-end furniture and fabric. As a manufacturer’s rep, Susan’s clients included large architectural firms and high-profile residential designers. The necessity for understanding all parts of the project as well as collecting innumerable resources are fundamental to any successful design endeavor. Ms. Burgess’ interior design clients appreciate her ability to combine these qualities with her love for fine materials and a soulful approach to weaving it all together.
  Today, Susan Burgess Associates has clients in all parts of the United States and is starting a project in Europe. The enthusiasm Ms. Burgess first discovered for interior design back in 1981 is still very much a part of each project, whether a small home office or refurbishing a grand home in Spain.